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The flagship Sony Xperia Z3+ overheats after a few seconds after the camera is launched [video]

Flagship smartphone Sony Xperia Z3+, also known as the Xperia Z4, has set a record for speed overheating. Due to the use of the Snapdragon 810, is notorious for its thermal properties, the device warns about the problem within a few seconds after the camera is launched.

The problem with the temperature regime of top-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 scared off many of the smartphone manufacturers that have decided not to curb the” problem own chip technology. Samsung, for example, refused to use the module in Galaxy S6 and switches the microprocessor. Perhaps Sony has recently launched the sales of the flagship Sony Xperia Z3+ and Z4, made a mistake by choosing this model. The degree of heating of its communicators so afraid that the Android resource Pit even made a video that demonstrates the problem of “Japanese”.

The video shows that in normal shooting mode, everything goes fine, but when enabling augmented reality or 4K recording users will be disappointed: the phone will warn of overheating almost instantly. If you ignore a few of these warnings, then the app for photography will be closed for about half a minute. The same problem occurs when running on Xperia Z3+ benchmarks-load games.

Some Japanese stores already accompany smartphones based on Snapdragon 810 warnings, stating that they are prone to overheating, so you should make regular backup copies of data and to periodically turn off the devices themselves. Sony, meanwhile, promised to rectify the situation in the new firmware, but doesn’t say when this version will be released.

By the way, in Russia Xperia Z3+ is more expensive iPhone 6 – retail unit is available at the price of 46 990 rubles.

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