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The flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 will get a screen sensitive to touch

In the vastness of the South Korean segment of the Internet appeared new details about the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the successor of the current Galaxy S7. The device will be announced early next year.

According to The online Investor, the new top-end Samsung smartphone will get a display that is sensitive to touch. According to some reports, the panels will be made on technology AMOLED and RGB Slim will be able to recognize 1024 levels of depression. What is the technology Slim RGB AMOLED, is unclear. But the name is seen the possibility of complete eradication PenTile, unloved by some users to see pixels on the Samsung even with superresolution.

The source said that while in Seoul considering using such technology, and the use of partial. It will be revealed in 2-3 years, but specific information on this yet.

In principle, the availability of the Samsung flagship is quite expected, because the Koreans need to reduce the technological gap between the latest Apple gadgets. In addition, the technology is not complex by modern standards, so the main problem is the adaptation of the software.

After Apple few companies have already released smartphones with similar technology, but to say she’s stuck, without proper support from developers, it is impossible.

It should be noted that the use of the display with support for pressure Chinese Huawei announced its smartphone Mate’s for a few days before the presentation of Apple. However, the first commercial devices in the market were the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

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