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The flagship of the LG G5 will get mode always-on display

The new top-end phone LG G5, among other things, will boast technology constantly enabled display Active Display. This is stated on the official website of the Korean manufacturer in Facebook.

Judging by the animated image depicting the features of the LG G5, smartphone screen will always be displayed in the laconic form of various information. If other devices, to completely shut off the display, the new flagship of the South Korean always shows the current time, date, notifications and other information on the screen of a locked phone.

Most of the panels are LG G5 will stay inactive. Because the manufacturer uses AMOLED panel, it will practically not be consumed on this function as comfortable, and practical. On the promo picture, the following text: “Never go asleep while others do. LG G5, Always ON” (“Never sleeps, unlike other. LG G5, always on”).

All these years it was strange that Samsung, being the leader of the segment AMOLED, not come up with anything similar for its smartphones, except the power saving feature, but this is a specific mode need not all and certainly not always.

Constantly active displays are already used by some companies. So, users can use the gadgets Motorola has a feature called Glance Screen, and the latest devices Nexus available the function of Ambient Display.

As for the LG G5, it is interesting that the device needs to receive not only primary but also secondary display. And it cannot be excluded that in this way the Koreans have hinted at some possible additional screen flagship.

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It is obvious that LG will have to entice potential buyers and other features of the future smartphone as an always-on screen is not enough for a decision to pay a significant sum for the device.

The official presentation of the LG G5 will be held February 21 in anticipation of the exhibition MWC 2016. On the same day is scheduled the official presentation of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S7.

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