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The flagship of Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 equip the scanner iris

Reportedly knowledgeable industry sources, LG and Samsung are working to create solutions for user identification by picture of the iris of the eye, which will be used in future smartphones manufactured by the companies. It is alleged that the first flagship devices of Samsung and LG with the iris scanner will be on the market next year.

Information about this appeared after the Japanese Fujitsu has officially announced the first smartphone in the world, which is similar to the scanner. A key feature of the new gadgets was the scanner iris Iris Passport that allows you to unlock the phone with just one look. It can also be used to log in to various services and applications or to support mobile payments.

Initial rumors that Samsung is considering the possibility of applying the technology of recognition of the iris of the eye in its flagship smartphone appeared long before the announcement of the Galaxy S5, but this has not happened. A few months later to have a scanner iris began to ascribe upcoming (at the time) Galaxy Note 4, but he was not destined to become the first Samsung smartphone with support for this type of biometrics. Itself the South Korean giant has previously hinted that the possibility of using this technology.

Now Samsung and LG are actively working on this technology and it is expected to find application in future flagship smartphones. The first South Korean vehicles with iris scanner can be on the market next year.

It is assumed that this feature in the near future will replace the fingerprint sensors, which are now EN masse are installed in new phones. However, fingerprint scanners and iris scanners one purpose – to improve safety and replace the usual biometric data password for user convenience.

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