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The first time Tim cook talked about Apple over the technology of unmanned vehicles

Rumors that Apple is developing its own unmanned car, go for a long time. A few years ago, sources spoke of the interest of the company in this direction, but, Apple never officially commented on these reports.

And now in an interview with Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim cook revealed some details. The head of the company said that Apple has focused on Autonomous systems for cars. This includes unmanned vehicles. Thus, the CEO confirmed earlier reports that Apple has shifted with the development of robomobile on automated control.

“Autonomy is something incredibly exciting for us, see where it takes us. From the product point of view we are not saying that we do, but we expressly declare that this technology is very important,” said Apple CEO.

In April of this year, Apple received permission from the authorities of California for testing self-driving vehicles. That is the “Apple” giant has every right to feel robomobile on-site state of the United States. In may machine Apple have already noticed on the roads of Palo Alto. The iPhone maker is technology on the Lexus RZ450h.

The first fruits of the automotive project Apple may give in 2019. Inside the company it is known as Project Titan, and working on it nearly a thousand people. Supposedly Project Titan is headed by former Vice-President, development of the Tesla Motoros Chris Porrit.

Apple CEO confirmed that this is probably one of the most complex projects related to artificial intelligence. However, cook did not specify workers said that while the company is not going to reveal any details about upcoming products.

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“We consider autonomy as the basis of all projects in the field of artificial intelligence. Perhaps this is one of the most challenging projects in the field of artificial intelligence, on which to work,” said cook.

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