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The first test of the new Apple EarPods with Lightning connector for iPhone 7

On YouTube channel Chinese user KK Low Profile appeared the video, which shows the proprietary headset EarPods for Apple smartphones and tablets Apple Lightning-equipped.
As can be seen outwardly, headphones with a digital interface is practically no different from the existing Apple branded headset, the main new feature is the Lightning connector, which replaced the 3.5 mm Jack in the iPhone 7.

The video shows that the headphone is fully functional, the buttons allow you to adjust the volume and control music playback. For testing headsets used an iPhone 6s.

I must say that the presented headset may not be the official product certified by Apple, and another early novelty from China. Whatever it was, it worked.

Earlier it was reported that package the iPhone 7 might have come with a adapter to connect regular headphones, which also recently became the hero of the movie.

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