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The first successful jailbreak of your iPhone X

The iPhone X has started just a week ago, November 3, 2017, and South Korea already figured out how to jailbreak your device, reports Cult of Mac.

At the conference on cyber security POC2017, held November 9-10 2017, in Seoul, had before it a working jailbreak for the iOS 11.1.1 on the iPhone X.

Video from the event can be regarded as Liang Chen, hacker KeenLab performs jailbreak latest version of iOS, which was released on 9 November 2017.

Jailbreak will likely not be posted for public access. However, for the community of jailbreakers is important news.

Before iOS was a thing. But for the latest versions of iOS, Apple has taken additional security measures. However, in the system there are still vulnerabilities and hackers can gain access to the Face ID or other systems iPhone X.

Apple employees know about the possibility of jailbreak. Most likely, for future updates of the operating system, this mechanism will not work.

The implementation of the jailbreak is always a risk. You don’t know how hacking will affect the operation of the device. Perhaps this will lead to the loss or theft of important data. In addition, the gadgets that have passed through the jailbreak are not participating in the warranty program by Apple.

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