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The first service center employees to convince Muscovites to get rid of the account of stolen iPhone

Reader MacDigger Artem Lobyntsev told about the frequent cases of fraud with Apple gadgets are complaining about the users in social networks. After the theft of the iPhone or iPad the attackers get in touch with the owners and taking advantage of their credulity, are led to decouple the device from the account.

The user of the stolen iPhone, and then, after some time, it is found on the Savelovsky radio market. The owner of the device blocks remote gadget and after some time, the owner is calling a man who seems to Andrew (as they say, the good-hearted people). He reports that the device is in service center, he was allegedly brought the man who bought it on the Savelovsky radio market, brought to unlock.

The user is prompted to unlock your device for security purposes, then what “Andrew” offers the new owners hold, and the owner to come and pick up your iPhone or iPad to the service center. After that, the phone turned off. Always calling from different numbers, specify the address Khimki, street Youth, D. 15A. At the moment, was of the order of 10 such cases.

As we already wrote, not all users understand that this is a hoax and refuse to detach a gadget from the account.

Formerly reader MacDigger Sergey Khodos told the story of his girlfriend, which the caller persuaded to do it. “A good citizen” said that in order to return your iPhone, it is necessary to prove the security service (security guard or law enforcement) that the device is stolen and show them the inscription on the lock screen. Then they place the phone as stolen and get it back at any time. They are asked to unlink the device from iCloud and add it again.

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Unfortunately add iPhone back only with the device itself. In this situation, she completely untied the smartphone from your account and voluntarily unlocked it for intruders.

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