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The first reviews of 9.7-inch iPad Pro: Apple’s best tablet, but it will not replace a Windows laptop

Claiming that the 9.7 inch iPad Pro can become a full-fledged replacement for a Windows laptop, Phil Schiller sights on a very serious purpose. Presented at the presentation on March 21, the tablet has fallen into the hands of reviewers of the leading IT publications that shared his opinion about the new product. Was whether the rights of the head of international marketing of Apple, or the iPad Pro is still not able to replace the laptop?

The tablet display with the function of True Tone, automatically correcting the color temperature according to the ambient light, have received mixed reviews. Some journalists have appreciated the technology, others did not notice the difference. But all in one voice praised the technical equipment and the possibility of an iPad Pro that support Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard.

Journalists TechRadar without a doubt called iPad Pro “the future of the iPad line”.

“9.7 inch iPad Pro shows a view of the future Apple tablets. You get a convenient form factor, the best in the industry the display and the pleasure of creative work. However, we have doubts that the new iPad Pro, which does not allow to deploy a full operating system could attract defectors from Windows.

If we consider iOS, 9.7 inch iPad Pro is the best device for this OS. We launched a lot of productive applications, painted in Procreate: whenever the A9X processor provide a phenomenal speed, as in the case of a 12.9-inch iPad Pro”.

PC Mag was impressed by the new iPad Pro audio system with four speakers. However, the resource is not found other reasons to be updated on the device iPad Air 2.

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“Unlike the previous 9.7-inch models, the new iPad Pro is really loud. Apple says that the sound level of novelty is two times that of the iPad Air 2, and we can confirm this. But where unique applications that will make people upgrade their old iPad models? If you are not a designer or artist, which is important for the program to work with Apple Pencil, this question for you comes to the fore”.

Portal ArsTechnica has published a detailed review of the tablet and drew the following conclusions:

“If you use iPad second, third, fourth generation or the original Air, and use the tablet more than PC, then you should definitely go for the iPad Pro. If you’re holding the iPad Air 2, upgrading to the new 9.7-inch tablet Apple is worth only, if you need Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil”.

Mashable named 9.7-inch iPad best iPad Pro in the history of Apple.

“The new tablet is much more powerful and functional iPad Air 2. Paying $100 more, you get more powerful hardware, more memory and an improved iSight camera with video recording capability in 4K.

Screen 9.7 inch iPad Pro — the most vibrant of all Apple mobile devices (500 nits). It has the lowest reflection coefficient and automatically changes the color temperature of a True Tone on the basis of the surrounding conditions”.

The Independent called the 9.7-inch tablet Apple’s “best iPad in the line”:

“The new iPad Pro combines the stunning display, great speakers and amazing performance. The tablet has all the features of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but it is much easier, smaller and cheaper.

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True Tone technology allows you to achieve a pleasant and smooth transitions from one color temperature to another. If you disable this option, the display will show predominantly cool shades”.

Wall Street Journal says that the limitations of iOS and the App Store policy keeps developers from creating more professional and expensive software, without which Windows users not be able to “lure” on the iPad. The creators of professional software are not willing to pay 30% to Apple and are unhappy that they have no direct channel to update the OS.

Similar opinion is shared by Forbes, believing that the great, and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro not ready yet to become a full replacement for laptops.

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