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The first review of the MacBook Pro with Touch panel Bar [video]

A key innovation in the October presentation, Apple MacBook Pro with multi-touch OLED panel is Touch Bar. The company has not begun official sales of such models, but in the Network appeared the first review of the product. Three-minute video channel 01netTV allows to evaluate the action of the main innovation MacBook Pro – touch pad on the keyboard.

It’s been a long time since Apple last significantly updated MacBook Pro. The impression was that the company abandoned these devices in the last two years the only significant change was the integration of the touch panel with tactile feedback Force Touch. But now Apple finally has fundamentally redesigned MacBook Pro.

The main novelty, in addition to the updated design, of course, is a touch panel OLED. In fact this is a slim high resolution screen located above the main keyboard, and the replacement of functional and multimedia keys. The Escape key from the new MacBook Pro was now software. In addition, the Touch Bar provides a variety of management capabilities, limited only by the imagination of developers.

Mini screen is capable of displaying different information and provide different controls depending on the application. For example, in the browser’s list of bookmarks, open tabs and other control buttons. In messenger text prompts of words and a set of characters Emoji. In the music and the video’s playback controls, and volume. More professional, for example, in applications for processing photos and videos, on Touch Bar displays a plurality of auxiliary controls. Moreover, these elements can be configured and grouped under.

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As you can see, due to the deep integration in the OS and the specifics of Apple software, this panel really represents a new format of interaction with the programs in many cases.

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