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The first reaction of Steve jobs at the Genius Bar: “Stupid idea, will never work!”

The founder of company Apple Steve jobs at first was configured categorically against the idea of a Genius Bar, which is now a feature of Apple stores. This is a special section in the retail network of the company reserved for free advice and technical support for owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Ron Johnson, former head of brand Apple, told the publication Recode that initially Steve jobs rejected the idea of a Genius Bar.

“I remember once I came in and told Steve about the idea of the Genius Bar, to which he replied “a Stupid idea that’ll never work!””, recalls Johnson.

According to the founder of Apple, the disadvantage will be that people who know technology, do not have good communication skills. Such a service could just be called “bar geeks”, he said.

“I’ve never met someone who knows about technology and knows how to communicate with people. They’re all geeks! You can call him a Geek Bar,” said jobs.

Johnson said that the majority of people who could occupy this position, are aged 20 years and grew up with these technologies. The next day he learned that jobs informed the Consul General about the decision to patent a new trademark “Genius Bar”.

Although the idea was already actually approved, jobs instructed Johnson to prepare a report describing the operation of the service, despite the celebrations on the occasion of thanksgiving. Subsequently, jobs rejected the report of Johnson, but offered him a job.

The Genius Bar service is often seen as one of the reasons for the high popularity of the Apple stores. The owners of the Mac, iPhone and iPad in need of fixing, you can always get a free consultation in the official store instead of having to turn to third-party companies or describe the problem in the mail.

At the moment Apple has about 500 official retail stores around the world. The company recently announced the opening of a second store in Cologne, Germany, also appeared rumors about the appearance of the first Apple Store in Argentina next year.

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