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The first iPhone with AMOLED-display will be released in 2018

Japanese company Japan Display is planning to launch its own production of AMOLED panels by 2018, reports news Agency Reuters. This calculation does not seem random at about the same time Apple will use this technology in their smartphones.

“We will use the advantages of our technology for thin-film transistor in the development of OLED screens,” said head of research center of Japanese company Akio Takimoto.

At the moment the main contenders for Apple in this area are South Korea’s Samsung Display and LG Display. But, apparently, Japan Display intends to get into the struggle of two South Korean giants orders for Apple.

Foxconn and Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) compete for the acquisition of Sharp. If INCJ will be able to buy it and to unite with Japan Display, the latter will become the largest manufacturer of displays in the world.

Displays made with AMOLED technology, not require an additional backlight, making them much thinner than traditional screens and are accurate colors, high contrast, flexibility and increased energy efficiency. However, the cost of producing them is much higher than the production of LCD screens.

As OLED displays require no backlight, using them will allow Apple to make the iPhone thinner, but at the expense of the freed space to increase the battery capacity. Rumors indicate that iPhone 7 will be out 3.5 mm audio Jack, which also contributes to improving battery life and reducing the thickness of the body.

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