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The first details about the processor Apple A10X

2017 at WWDC Apple introduced a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro with a new single-chip system Apple A10X. Specialists TechInsights studied the new chip Apple has come to the conclusion that this is the first processor built on the basis of 10-nanometer process technology TSMC.

Apple A10X has six processor cores and 12 cores GPU. The area of the chip, made in compliance with the 10-nm is 96.4 square mm A10 and A9X Processors used in the top smartphones and tablets from Apple, built on 16-nanometer.

As experts noted, the transition to 10-nm lithography is accompanied by the semiconductor manufacturers following the decrease in the area of SoC:

  • TSMC 10-nm FinFET vs TSMC 16-nm FinFET — 49%
  • Samsung 10-nm LPE vs Samsung 14-nm LPP — 36 %
  • Intel’s 10-nm vs Intel 14 nm — 63%.

In recent years, namely the process technology allows chipmakers to improve the performance of processors and more or less follow Moore’s law, increasing the number of transistors. Previously played a significant role in increasing the clock frequency, but since the mid-2000s, it grew by only two times.

Impressive comparing performance and size A10X with its predecessors. In comparison with the predecessor – A9X – chip area is decreased by 35%, while its graphics performance has increased by 78%.

When comparing with the processor 5 years ago we are talking about a 42% reduction in size with 31-fold increase in performance. It is noteworthy that this result was achieved while maintaining the same structure and add a GPU into the processor one additional core (in comparison with the A9X).

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Geekbench Apple A10X gaining 3800 points in single-threaded and 9100 points in multi-threaded mode. These results six-core CPU due to the fact that modern SoC Apple does not know how to use both older and younger clusters. That is, at a specific moment of time is either three productive core, or three energy-efficient.

The A10X result in AnTuTu is 234 082 points. This is an absolute record for this benchmark. In the same test the iPhone 7 Plus is gaining about 180 000 points.

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