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The first crash test AirPods: headphones are tested for durability and water-resistant [video]

After the start of sales of wireless headphones AirPods with them has already run a number of tests. Especially valuable experiments in the real environment. For example, a marathon runner, running 10 km with headset Apple was satisfied: the headphone have good sound quality, good isolation and they don’t fall out of your ears. At EverythingApplePro decided to go ahead and check how stable AirPods to various ills of life. What will happen with the wireless “ears” Apple, if they drop or wash in the washing machine?

The first crash test was conducted in the fall AirPods on a concrete floor from three positions: from the height of his pants pocket, from the height of the human ear, as well as from three meters. Headphones was thrice thrown into the charging box, and also without it, after each drop was estimated by damage.

Headphones withstood both tests: in all cases they continued to play music, the body appeared only a couple of minor scratches. Did not budge and the white battery pack that endured the test. Although the scratches on it were several more.

AirPods test for water resistance was carried out using a washing machine. Headphones in the box put in the tank along with the clothes for 30 minutes, then pulled out and evaluated performance. It turned out that after washing it will survive not only the charger but the headset itself.

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