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The first buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S8 complain of red tint displays

Delivery of Samsung Galaxy S8 has just begun, but buyers of new products already outraged by the work of smartphones. According to the source, some device owners noticed a reddish tint of the screen.

Display “edge to edge” in the Galaxy S8 is positioned as the main advantage of novelty. In the smartphone showed the desire of the manufacturer to withdraw completely from the use of the frame around the screen, creating the illusion of their absence. Galaxy S8 it has become the cornerstone of the entire design of the handset, the Central element of which is the “infinite display.”

Nevertheless, some users in South Korea, did not like these displays: the color tone is different from model to model. Attempts to correct the situation by adjusting the color temperature setting to nothing lead.

Judging by the complaints on the forums in the Network, a reddish tint occurs on the screens of some instances of Galaxy S8 and S8+. Samsung representatives argue that it is not a question of quality and hue can be corrected in the settings. However, owners of Galaxy S8 and S8+ are insisting that this is not “treated” with any settings.

“This is not a quality problem Galaxy S8 and it can be adjusted by smartphone. If the screen still seems to be too red, the user can exchange it at the service center,” – said in a statement Samsung.

Counterpoint Research analyst Neil Shah says that the phones use OLED screen technology Deep Red, which looks reddish white.

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