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The first buyers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 complain of getting stuck inside the case the stylus [video]

The owners of the flagship planshetofona Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has to be extremely careful in dealing with the digital pen. This year the smartphone is again pursuing the issue with the S Pen, which has already complained many owners of the gadget.

In previous generations of the Galaxy Note stylus has been designed in a way that fit into the corresponding socket of the telephone only to a specific side. The error in such a simple procedure has been virtually eliminated. Last year’s model Galaxy Note 5 got a pen that can be placed in the slot by any party which led to unpleasant consequences.

Empirically it was found that the stylus of the Galaxy Note 5 can damage the sensor responsible for retrieving the pen, and if you overdo it with the pressing force, the S Pen can hopelessly stuck in the body of the gadget. Then Samsung solved this problem in the next batch of Galaxy Note 5, and in the design of this year flagship Galaxy Note 7 it is impossible to insert the stylus pen is not the end.

But, as found by the first buyers of Galaxy Note 7, if you press too hard while inserting the stylus into the slot, he firmly stuck in the device. Then press the stylus in hopes to retrieve, it will be useless. Moreover, if too hard or too much pressure on the pen can only make the problem worse.

To solve catching the stylus Galaxy Note suggest 7 different ways — from the use of needles to pick up the edge of the pen, to attempt gently to drop the smartphone on the table.

Official comment about the problem with a stylus from Samsung followed. Users of social networks are surprised how one of the leading smartphone manufacturers when testing remained unnoticed for such a sad mistake.

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