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The final version of Microsoft’s browser Edge was faster than Safari and Chrome

In February of this year, Microsoft introduced its new browser for Windows 10 – the Edge. Product development the company pays attention not only to functional innovation and increased user security, but also speed. According to Microsoft, the browser has become the most productive on the market.

Yesterday Microsoft has released the final build of Windows 10, in connection with which he published the results of the benchmarks. The company claims that the browser Edge ahead of the performance of all major competitors.

We are talking about the speed of processing JavaScript. According to the company, Edge ahead in performance as Safari and Chrome and in its own tests of Apple and Google. However, in view of the fact that both browsers use WebKit, the comparison results are given only for Chrome.

The chart shows that when working with JavaScript the Microsoft browser can be faster by up to two times.

Microsoft aims to offer Windows 10 strong software package, and a key component, Edge, on a plan of the company, should be the fastest, easy, safe and beautiful ever created browsers.

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