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The FBI will help police Arkansas to hack iPhone and iPod accused in double murder

Experts the FBI agreed to help the Prosecutor’s office of Arkansas to hack iPhone and iPod two accused in the murder of the couple, reports “Interfax” referring to BBC.

According to the representative of the Prosecutor’s office, a positive response from the FBI came on the next day after prosecutors appealed to the Ministry with this request. To special services managed to overcome the protection system of smart phone and music player, the trial defendants moved for a few months.

Information with iPhone iPod and two teenagers took the Prosecutor’s office during the investigation of the murder of the couple. Both accused deny guilt, and prosecutors felt that information from their mobile devices will help to find additional evidence.

Prosecutors decided to seek the assistance of the FBI after the Agency was able to hack into an iPhone that belonged to a terrorist in San Bernadino.

Authorities had earlier tried unsuccessfully to read the information from your smartphone. For the Apple data encryption on devices is standard practice, many gadgets are password protected. The justice Ministry earlier demanded the court to order Apple to help the FBI to access data on the phone terrorist, Farouk. Apple fought in court, indicating that this practice will harm clients and the very idea of private information.

Then special services have managed to cope without the help of Apple and dropped the case. In the court records indicated only that assistance to investigators provided by some third party. How the authorities managed to gain access to the iPhone, is still not known. According to some reports, assistance was provided by Israeli experts. FBI Director James Comey said earlier that the Bureau addressed “to all who could be useful” to unlock the smartphone.

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It is not specified whether the FBI to hack iPhone iPod and Teens from Arkansas the same way. It is known that they used a more modern model of iPhone with new iOS version.

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