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The FBI told about the methods of hacking the iPhone 5c terrorist several senators

After the terrorist attack in California there is a conflict between Apple and FBI. At the end of last year a resident of the city of San Bernardino and his wife killed 14 people and injured more than 20. During the work on the case the FBI tried to get information from iPhone criminal. The standard mechanism of protection threatened to delete all data after incorrect unlock attempts. The Bureau turned to Apple with the request to crack the smartphone. It was about the development of specialized software. The head of the Corporation Tim cook to promote publicly refused, because such a mechanism would provide access to any Apple gadget.

In late March the FBI announced that found a way to unlock iPhone terrorist without the help of Apple, and the trial of the case was suspended. The method by which intelligence agencies managed to open up iPhone 5c, belonged to one of the terrorists, is still unknown. It is believed that data about the method, which has been used by intelligence agencies, will be revealed after the leak. Then Apple will be able to create a defense that will make unavailable the information recorded on an iPhone, for all except the owner. In addition, the method of hacking the FBI may be published by court order.

As writes on Thursday, National Journal, the FBI told the Senator of California Dianne Feinstein Feinstein about the methods that were used to hack iPhone 5c terrorist. In the next few days representatives of the American special services should meet with Senator North Carolina Richard Berra. The topic of conversation will be the same iPhone and the conflict with Apple. The fact that Burr and Feinstein work together on a new bill designed to limit the use of encryption in consumer electronics.

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No further details about the method that was hacked iPhone 5c yet. Experts continue to argue about whether it is effective solely for this phone based on chip Apple A7, or can be used for the newer iPhone. If the FBI used a vulnerability affects a huge number of iPhones, the FBI will be required to provide Apple any information about it. On the other hand, this process is too slow, and its course can easily be suspended if the Agency decides that the value of information exceeds the risks that it carries.

Any information regarding the application method of hacking the FBI for other iPhone don’t have. Moreover, representatives of the Ministry stated that the case in San Bernardino is the only one which managed to successfully implement this technology. Earlier, police Arkansas was asked to assist in unlock iPhone and iPod, which are material evidences on the case of murder.

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