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The FBI messed up jailbroken iPhone arrow from San Bernardino Strait at him a glass of water

The FBI representative said that moments later, after successfully hacking the iPhone, which belonged to the arrow from San Bernardino, security officers suddenly made the smartphone completely useless, spilling his glass of water.

Calling the incident “one of the biggest embarrassments in the history of the FBI”, the representative of the Agency Harland, Garrison summed up: “I can’t Express how much we are ashamed of what happened with this smartphone”.

Outlining the details of the incident in an interview with reporters, Garrison reported that moments later, after experts managed to hack the iPhone, “they began to congratulate each other and give each other five, which had spilled a glass of water”.

After several unsuccessful attempts to restart the smartphone, employees sought advice from several Apple support forums to find a way to fix a wet iPhone. “I would like to inform you that it has helped”, — said the representative of the Agency.

Meanwhile, perhaps the relationship between Apple and the FBI there has been a slight thaw, as Apple CEO Tim cook has offered to replace the damaged iPhone for $ 749 or $ 299, but with a two year contract.

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