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The FBI is required to install the “bugs” on the iPhone under the pretext of fighting “Islamic state”

Specialists from the Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. expressed concern about the rising incidence of the use of encryption systems Internet communications group “Islamic state”, reports VZ. The head of the FBI James Comey has published an article on the website Lawfare, which specializes in the analysis of national security issues, with the requirement to expand the powers of intelligence agencies in the investigation of threats related to the activities of the “Islamic state”.

“There is no doubt that people with bad intentions can freely communicate with the versatile and powerful coding,” writes Komi in his article.

According to him, the recruiters of the “Islamic state” is increasingly using the Internet to find new recruits for terrorist organizations, and resort to such a system of encryption of messages, which does not allow law enforcement to track them promptly.

In fact, with the “deep” encrypt authorities have no possibility to intercept messages of the “Islamic state” on the Internet. So Komi urged the leaders of the largest Internet companies – Apple, Google, and Yahoo – provide special services “secret access” to systems for encoding digital information in the Network.

Company representatives refused to respond to the call of the Director of the FBI, citing the fact that it is not possible to grant access only to those who will use it with good intentions.” This response, in particular, gave Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

On Monday, President Barack Obama said that U.S. troops will not participate in ground operations against Islamic state in Syria, Iraq or in North Africa, and will continue as part of the coalition to strike at the positions of the terrorists from the air.

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Earlier attempts by Obama and the FBI legally obligate the smartphone manufacturers to embed bookmarks for special services in the encryption algorithms were criticized Apple and Google. IT Corporation has written to the President of the United States the appropriate letter in which the authors — and that representatives of more than 140 leading technology companies in the U.S. – asked Obama to give up trying to hold a controversial bill through the Senate, given that the decision, taken under pressure from the FBI and other intelligence agencies, is wrong. It will lead to a significant weakening of the U.S. and global cybersecurity and leave ordinary citizens defenseless to hackers.

Previously, Apple CEO Tim cook has repeatedly stated that the company has never worked with any government Agency in the world for the purpose of obtaining access to the systems, products and services of the Corporation and did not provide access to their servers. Although the American government insists that the company should leave a “loophole” for the police and security services.

At the White house summit on cybersecurity at the beginning of the year Tim cook has warned of “dire consequences” that would result from waiver of the right balance between privacy and user security.

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