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The FBI arrested a suspect in the theft of intimate photos of celebrities from iCloud

The Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States has determined the computer in August of last year was committed large-scale hacker attack on iCloud users. As a result of hacking millions of Internet users saw intimate photos of Hollywood stars, among them Kirsten dunst, singer Rihanna, star of “the hunger games” Jennifer Lawrence and others.

The leak of intimate photos of celebrities turned out to be much bigger than previously thought. According to the latest promulgated by the American law enforcement data, the hackers managed to hack around 600 iCloud accounts, in which users store photos, documents and other data.

More than 500 personal photos of the stars of show business – only women – have been posted online August 31. Original pictures of Actresses Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten dunst, model Kate Upton and other celebrities were posted on the forum 4chan, after which the photos were scattered on the Internet. The list contains more than 100 names.

The next day, Apple has confirmed that the photos were stolen in the attack on her “cloud” iCloud storage. The Department of the FBI cybercrime was investigating the incident.

Intelligence agencies failed to establish the whereabouts of the computer from which, presumably, the attack was carried out. Police have determined that the hacking was done from one PC to the South of Chicago. Attached to him two e-mail addresses registered in the name of 30-year-old Emilio Herrera, who has not been previously convicted of offences. A search in the house of the suspect and his arrest were made following the inauguration of the district court.

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It is assumed that the real identity of the offender or group of offenders could be hidden using a range of technologies, and hackers could steal users ‘ information so that they do not even know about it.

At the present time the investigation into the attack continues. The FBI said that the result could have been hacked more than 2,500 iCloud accounts.

According to the materials of the investigation, the hackers managed to take control of the 572 unique user accounts Apple. To use each of them turned out an average of six times. In addition there were almost 5,000 attempts to obtain passwords from 1 987 accounts. If this does not specify whether this number attempts to attack the same accounts or we are talking about accounts almost 2,000 users. Also not disclosed how many attempts to get the passwords were unsuccessful.

Previously, Apple CEO Tim cook has denied the existence of vulnerabilities in the services company because supposedly there was a mass leak of intimate photos. Summing up “over 40 hours” of the internal investigation, the manufacturer of iPhone and iPad said that iCloud and Find My Phone were not compromised, and private pictures of celebrities were stolen in targeted hack individual accounts.

After the incident, Apple has taken measures to strengthen the protection of iCloud. In particular, the company began to notify users by email about trying to change the password to the accounts, to recover data on a new device or when a device first connects to the account. Before the incident with the leaked photos of the notification about restoring iCloud data were not sent.

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