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The FBI appealed to the Israeli company for hacking iPhone arrow from San Bernardino

This week the FBI announced that they had found a way to unlock iPhone 5c, belonging to the terrorist from San Bernardino, without the help of Apple. Another court session was postponed at the request of the U.S. Department of justice, Apple also did not object to the transfer. According to the FBI, March 20, the connection went out a third party offer for hacking the iPhone, so the Agency needs time to verify the proposed method of bypass of protection.

Edition of Yediot claims that the FBI help in removing data from your phone iPhone will provide the Israeli company Cellebrite, which is located in Petah Tikva. In that case, if she manages to crack iPhone of a terrorist, the FBI does not need help Apple, which refuses to provide security, giving access to information on the smartphone. Cellebrite representatives declined to comment on published by edition information.

Cellebrite is one of the leading companies in the field of investigating and solving crimes involving digital information. It cooperates with the intelligence services, the security structures and law enforcement bodies of different countries. In particular, the company provides FBI facilities for decryption as part of the 2013 contract.

Previously, on 16 February, the court ordered the company to provide the necessary tools to access the data stored on the phone one of the criminals, in December of 2015 who opened fire at a care centre for people with disabilities the city of San Bernardino. Tim cook of Apple said earlier that the company intends to appeal the decision of the court, since the FBI actually requires the creation of iOS bedorom. The creation of such software tool is the company Director has likened the creation of the universal key to all doors. Google and other IT companies announced support for Apple in the confrontation with the FBI.

Later new York court ruled in favor of Apple in a similar case concerning unlock iPhone. According to this court decision, the company is not obligated to provide law enforcement services tools to bypass the built-in data protection in the iPhone 5S, which belonged to an arrested drug dealer.

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