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The face detection function Samsung Galaxy S8 can be fooled by photograph [video]

On Wednesday, Samsung showed the world its new Galaxy smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8+. The device can boast of a fully frameless design, forming a smooth surface with no buttons and sharp corners. In addition, the phone has a “smart” voice assistant Bixby, who, so far understand only English and Korean languages.

But in Galaxy S8 appeared the scanner of the iris and face recognition system. these are two different functions. Iris scanner is a fairly reliable protection, but not very practical, so as to unlock more time is required, and you must bring the eye to the sensor.

Face detection is more convenient and fastest way to unlock the phone. As shown by the tests showed that the system works accurately and quickly, even if you hold the smartphone out at arm’s length.

However, the experiments proved that this technology Galaxy S8 can be easily fooled. It is enough to place in front of the camera of the user. Camera identificeret person and unlocks the device.

Samsung proposes to use not only to unlock the smartphone, but also to confirm payments. The safety of this method, as you can see in the video below, is in serious doubt.

Compounding the situation is that the fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S8 is moved from the front panel to the rear, so to unlock the smartphone will need to pick up. Moreover, it is the right of the main camera lens. Holding the device in the usual way and looking at the screen, the user will be blind to find the scanner and get into the lens, causing the camera glass.

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