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The experts found the age at which people use the smartphone with two hands

Most often, two hands holding a smartphone people aged 55 years and older. It is reported Lookatme citing a report from research company comScore.

At this age accounted for 55% of all people who hold the smartphone with two hands. You may notice that people aged 35 to 54 years are doing so in two times less (only 15% of users). The percentage of young people 18 to 34, who also operate the smartphone with two hands (9%), not much different from previous age group.

The survey was conducted among mobile app users in the U.S. aged 18 years.

The survey showed that young people feel more comfortable when dealing with the device, so use it, holding it in one hand. Also they are accustomed to multitasking. As people age, according to comScore, use the old fashioned way.

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