The expert told how to properly dispose of an unnecessary smartphone & nbsp

MOSCOW, May 13 – PRIME. An old smartphone must be disposed of, for example, with the help of trade-in programs, the general director of the ANO Digital Platforms Arseniy Shcheltsin told the Prime agency.
“You need to do this, first of all, because the phone is difficult to recycle. Secondly, because there are a lot of industrial precious metals inside it,” he added.

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According to the expert, the most optimal way is to use the trade-in at mobile phone stores or manufacturers.
“Such promotions do not always work, they should be waited or checked in stores. But at least it will be possible not only to save the environment, but also get a discount on the new device,” the expert explained.
For models that can no longer be handed over by trade-in, Samsung, Apple and other manufacturers have launched their smartphone recycling programs. And they accept phones of any brands.
In December, the Tele2 company launched its ecological project Re-Smelting. Reception centers for old phones appeared in 11 cities of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

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Everyone who hands over their phone receives a discount on the purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone, an icon from recycled phones, and Tele2 subscribers receive 10 gigabytes of Internet traffic as a gift. A.

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