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The expected trends of smartphones in 2018

In 2017 appeared the most anticipated phone models: iPhone X with Face ID, Samsung Galaxy S8 with a new design, Pixel 2 with stunning capabilities of the camera. They have launched new trends that will apply in 2018.


One of the most notable trends of the past year was the extension of the phone screens on the entire front panel. This allowed manufacturers to increase the size of the display without increasing the phone to keep it comfortable, and that it was still possible to hold with one hand. To make this possible, developers have moved the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone or removed altogether. To many it seemed uncomfortable. Optimal resolution of the situation could be the placement of the fingerprint sensor under the display. It is expected that such technologies will appear in 2018 and will probably be widespread.

Face ID and analogues

The following projected trend 2018 can become a widespread facial recognition technology. the Idea of this function was a long time, but to make it quick and independent of lighting conditions while was only Apple. Presumably, the new face detection will become the new standard user authentication.

Dual camera

Introduced in iPhone 7 Plus in 2016, the year the dual camera has become a must for a flagship smartphone. With its help it is possible to obtain interesting effects such as, blurred background “bokeh”. Dual pixel technology improves the speed and quality of autofocus.

Perhaps this year the trend will be widespread, and we will see the dual cameras of varying quality on the vast majority of new devices, not just the flagship.

Wireless charging

Another highly useful the trend of wireless charging. This trend is still being developed, already there are several effective technologies that they say also about the possibility of wireless charging at a distance. Perhaps, the models in 2018, will appear this feature as well.

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