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The European Union fined Qualсomm a deal with Apple to hinder competition

Qualcomm may face a fine of up to two billion dollars from the European observer anticoncurrentiel a deal with Apple, reports The Financial Times.

According to the publication, the chip maker paid Apple, which now had to buy the Qualcomm modules. The observer said that he will sue the manufacturer of mobile chips for this deal, which prevented competition.

This decision may be in addition to the multiple lawsuits Apple vs Qualcomm around the world. The iPhone maker accuses the company of “restrictive measures and excessive license fees”. According to the chipmaker, its business model is fair, and compensation is comparable with innovation, in its products.

The relationship between the two technology companies deteriorated after January 2017. It was then that Apple has sued Qualcomm, alleging that the chip maker had illegally taken away from the company a billion dollars. The essence of the claim — Qualcomm has sought compensation for the use of technology, which in Cupertino have nothing. So Apple is going to use their devices in 2018 LTE modems from Intel and MediaTek.

Earlier, Qualcomm had accused Apple of violating patents, tried to ban the import of iPhone, accused the company of stealing computer code. And all this happened after Apple decided to completely abandon the products of Qualcomm.

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