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The Escapists – prison break

The games are known to be good that let you be anyone: a soldier, an Explorer, a scientist or even an employee of the customs control. It concerns, as well as the shadow of the professions – it is no coincidence that the most popular game series covers the entire spectrum of criminal amusement. But one there is not enough – what to do after the employment repercussions – in the sense of how to get out of prison institutions. Game The Escapists will tell you – and force you to do it yourself.

You most likely heard, The Escapists, created in collaboration with the developers of Worms, a lot of noise in the “incentive” is there pixel-art indie with an unusual idea inside. Now the project has reached iOS to put your own version of Prison Break can you.

The game begins in the spirit of any numbered part of the Elder Scrolls, you’re in prison, around security and an unkind person, we have to get out. Randomly will not work: to hop a fence, you need to carefully calculate a plan to do a lot (not always obvious) action, and then exhale – and take a chance. Structurally, The Escapists is divided into levels-of-jail-from the simple to the, uh, prison to a powerful ITK, which contains the most hardened criminals.

The first thing you have to learn local regulations. You are in the colony, and not on the beach, so with discipline strictly: the building in the morning, then Breakfast, a short break, working hours, lunch, short break, dinner, and a nightly build. I do not presume to judge how the schedule is accurate to the real, but hypocrisy in The Escapists is not felt – it is clear that the authors have studied the question. This is especially noticeable when the lights in the chamber suddenly bursts into outfit “the guard” headed “the godfather”, which up to this camp rat “snitched” that looking “on nykat” under the bunk public “drum”.

This cycle of events you need to participate. On the job to get money and the respect of the guards (with them is not a joke), gym – pump power and speed, in the library or Internet room – enhance intelligence, which later let to make a clever device to escape. If you go to “above”, it may end in a jail cell and there your features will immediately begin to melt. So, try not to “Shine” without attracting too much attention and not getting involved in the “left” fights.

By itself, the escape and the long chain of teamwork honed mechanisms. Joke. It’s much easier – or harder, depends on you. Here it is possible to run an elementary path (for example, just killing the guard, pre-bahnov on biceps 15 reps), and also after a really clever combination. For example. You go to work, they steal form the security guard. Then provoke an external inspection to visit – or just waiting for him. And after all, dressed in a security uniform, get out of jail like here and not sitting. Mnogohodovochka!

And a tip of the iceberg – in the game there are a million ways of escape – including by digging and some mirror what you’ve seen in some “Shawshank”. So, dear fans, you will not remain indifferent: especially for you in the game scattered a handful of references and quotations, only manage to catch!

The Escapists looks exactly as it should – deliberately pixel, cheap and in the “high indie.” It’s not terrible: the graphics are less, the important thing is that the picture perfectly captures the desired information; look for beauty somewhere else. However, to pay for the game will have serious star Steam is on iOS 299 rubles, and this is a small but tangible money for the mobile segment. However, where else would you be allowed with impunity to escape from prison 60 different ways?

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