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The end of the iPad? Why analysts are wrong

After the publication of the study by J. D. Power, the Fortune, the company officially announced that the iPad business suffered “devastating blow”. What exactly is this shot? Firm J. D. Power Oct-Dec conducted a survey of more than 2,200 owners of tablets on the basis of which he compiled and published a ranking of the degree of customer satisfaction.

So, in the rating of Microsoft Surface scored 855 points out of 1000 possible. This provided the brand a decisive advantage over iPad, managed to score only 849 points. Tablets Samsung Galaxy very close to the iPad, the gap is only two points.

How should believe this filed with such fanfare, statistics? Reviewers I believe that the conclusion “about the next attack on iPad” is incorrect. The number of tablet owners in 2015 exceeded a billion, what is the error all the dependencies displayed on the basis of such insignificant samples (0,0002%), it is possible to imagine. It’s like that to make profound conclusions about the demographics of China according to the census of residents of two apartment buildings.

Myself evaluation parameter, the degree of satisfaction, by their nature, highly subjective. It cannot be felt, it is not the price, weight or performance, there remains enormous room for speculation.

So all the big words about winning over and beats by Apple is based on the less than 1% difference in subjective and statistically unreliable rating. Even leaving open the question of the representativeness of the sample, the deviations are stacked in the statistical error of the method.

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Further, Fortune says about Apple concern the unsatisfactory state of the tablet business, a steady drop in iPad sales the last few years. With all the optimistic information is followed by a “but” that creates a negative of the final color.

“Apple still gets more profit from hardware sales than Microsoft, but the problem tablet division of the company has been subject to investor concerns”. “Although Apple promises a bright future for the iPad, but sales combined with shrinking tablet market, this is a cause for concern”.

Translated into unbiased language, this suggests that difficulties with the iPad is largely due to problems of the entire industry.

The bias of the media towards the iPad can be compared, perhaps, only with the media coverage of the election campaign in the United States — again, the tail tries to twist the dog is not there.

In this sense, revealing more than a cool reception reporters latest updates iPad. “The main news in this iPad is that since iPad’s over,” the withdrawal of the European technical guru, Falkner Weber, unfortunately, is a typical example.

Yes, the problem exists. But she is also the flip side of the success of the iPad. Latest Pew survey shows that Apple’s tablet is every second adult American read — in each family. The market is saturated and nobody really knows how to motivate the purchase of a new model.

Therefore, announced by the company “just an iPad” is aimed at the obvious audience. The owners of older versions of these tablets, prior to the Air series, the same 40% of the user base, discontinued with the release of iOS 10. They offers an “upgrade” — the cheapest in the history of the company’s 9.7-inch device for $329 and that’s with 32 GB of memory.

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Equipped with Touch ID and Retina display, this slim and lightweight tablet for productivity corresponds to the level debuted six years ago, professional models, iPad Pro. About the same marketing course “rejuvenation of the installed base” of Apple did previously with the release of the iPhone SE.

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