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The end of an era: the creators of the MP3 announced the “death” of the audio format

Employees of the Institute of integrated circuits Fraunhofer society (Germany) announced the actual “death” of the MP3 format (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3). In April 2017, expired recent patents on audio and was discontinued fees licensing fees with software vendors and embedded solutions.

Ending support for the format by the Institute, it was reported on his official website.

“We thank everyone for huge support, which helped make the MP3 main audio formats in the world over the last 20 years”, – stated in the message of the developers.

One of the reasons for the rejection of the format was that for a long time, the audio codecs are better at compressing audio files. Although the MP3 format is still very popular among users, the majority of radio and television stations switched to using modern codecs ISO MPEG, which provide higher sound quality and better compression.

Work on compression algorithms audio with minimal loss started in 1970-e years, German scientists tried to solve the problem of speech transmission over telephone lines. The basis of the MP3 format went codec ASPEC (Adaptive Spectral Perceptual Entropy Coding).

The principle of compression, MP3 is based on the cut off frequencies which do not make a significant contribution to the musical picture. The first encoder in the format was the program L3Enc, released in the summer of 1994. One year later came the first software MP3 player Winplay3. The present popularity of the format received with the release of iPod in 2001. Thus in two years, Apple offered a better audio format AAC.

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