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The easiest way to transfer data from Android to iPhone

To change the mobile platform with each passing day it gets easier and easier. Releasing a free app for iOS to Move to Android, Apple has made this process incredibly easy. The utility will move all contacts, photos, calendar information, notes and more with Android smart phone to a new iPhone.

The most suitable option for data migration is the option to customize your iPhone in “Like new”. If this step is skipped, then you can easily reset the smartphone to factory settings and move on to this step. Suppose you set up your iPhone as new.

The process of transferring data using Move to iOS

1. Start setting up your new iPhone the screen “Apps and data” select “to Transfer data from Android”.

2. Download app Move to iOS on your Android smartphone from the Google Play store and run it after the installation is complete.

3. Read the user agreement and scroll to the option transaction confirmation with a verification code.

4. Wait until you receive the code and enter it on the screen transfer data from Android to new iPhone.

5. Select all the objects, data, contacts, photos and other items that need to be transferred to the iPhone. After that, the migration process will take some time, depending on the number of selected information and the speed of your Internet connection.

6. After the transfer is complete click “finish” and proceed with the normal setup iPhone.
The Move to iOS app works correctly, but in any case it is necessary to ensure that all selected data, including photos and contacts were copied correctly.

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If there is still problems, it is possible to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone by using this tutorial. To move photos to get started, copy them to your computer, and then sync with iPhone.

Ensuring successful transfer data from Android, you can reset the “Google phone” to factory settings to prepare your phone for sale or transfer to the new owner.

Now you only need to enjoy your new iPhone and explore all its possibilities!

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