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The easiest way to speed up iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad

Creating smartphones and tablets, Apple has a view of them as quick, efficient and highly effective device. In many respects it succeeds – users of the latest iPhone and iPad can not complain about slow or “ping”. At the same time, program restrictions, animation and other “decorations” iOS 9 negatively affect the performance of the mobile devices of previous generations.

The easiest way to solve the problem is to use unofficial apps. Benefit now users have access to Cydia in iOS 9. To increase the efficiency of operation of the operating system to make it as fast and efficient you can use to tweak system overclocking Speed Intensifier. Speed Intensifier is the most simple method speeds up iPhone and iPad at the expense of animation. This causes the device to visually begin to work faster.

What Speed Intensifier does is only at first glance is the overclocking. In fact, it modifies the system parameter responsible for processing of graphical elements. The addon changes the animation speed so that the operating system did not cause discomfort: many users complain about delays and protracted transitions between sections of the OS.

Speed Intensifier will be especially useful for owners of iPhone and iPad, who can thus get a visual acceleration of iOS 9. In the settings section of the tweak is Custom Speed, in which you can specify the parameter speed – x2, x3, x4, etc. the Developer declares support iOS 9 and all models igadzhetov. It is also recommended to include a toggle in the Settings menu –> General –> accessibility –> Reduce motion.

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Speed Intensifier is free, the repository for download –

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