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The easiest way to speed up iOS 10 on the iPhone and iPad

Any gadget, be it iPhone or iPad starts to slow down and hang out. This stems from many reasons, because the operating system and software becoming more functional, the size of the content increases, but the hardware does not change. Unfortunately, the iPhone is such a device in which you cannot add RAM or upgrade the processor, as is done in the PC. This means that the best option is to buy a model of the last generation, although in a crisis it is not so easy. However, there is no hurry to part with the device. There is a simple way to return the pet to its speed.

If the device is updated to the latest version of the operating system, but still slows down it is necessary to turn to informal applications. Fortunately now users have access to Cydia on iOS 10. To improve the efficiency of the software platform Apple to make it as quick and productive by using visual tweak for overclocking Speedy. New the easiest way accelerates mobile devices at the expense of animation. In result, the iPhone and the iPad begin to visually work faster.

What makes this add-on at first glance is the acceleration. In fact, it changes the parameter iOS responsible for processing of graphical elements. Speedy corrects the speed of the animation so that the use of an OS without discomfort: many iPhone and iPad users complain about delays and protracted transitions between sections.

Below the video shows the effect of Speedy:

Speedy is especially useful for owners of old iPhone and iPad, which can thus get a visual acceleration OS. It is also recommended to include a toggle in Settings –> General –> accessibility –> Reduce motion.

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Speedy offered for download totally free repository

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