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The easiest way to get a black faceplate on a red iPhone 7

Recently Apple red color iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from the (PRODUCT)RED. Novelties received no other advantages, but look quite interesting, if you look at them from the side of the back cover. The front frame is made in white color that resonates strongly with the rest of the design of the smartphone.

Brand (PRODUCT)RED was created in 2006 by U2 frontman Bono and journalist Bobby Shriver. The essence in the production of special products, part of the proceeds from sales which will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

the iPhone version (PRODUCT)RED: red Apple stained only players, iPod cozies, and other accessories. And now the iPhone. Unfortunately, the smartphone was not such as was expected by the users. Many believe that the device would look much better in red and black.

Fortunately, there is nothing not possible, this can be achieved inexpensively using the Spigen lining with black frames cost about $10. This method involves some limitations and disadvantages that you will have to put up with. The pads have a standard hole for the Home button and Touch ID, so the key will remain visible white spot on the front panel. Also on the edge of the front frame will remain a thin white stripe, which does not close the tread.

If you have the necessary skills, you can move the front panel with a black version of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus to replace along with home button. However, this method is much more complicated and more expensive.

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