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The easiest way to check the screen of the iPhone and iPad for dead pixels

The display is one of the main components of modern gadgets. Buying a smartphone or tablet, it is important to ensure the quality of the screen, check it for dead pixels. Many manufacturers recognize the marriage of a matrix if there are several defective points — in this case, the store you have to replace the device.

In this article MacDigger will tell you how to check your iPhone or iPad for dead pixels. The easiest way is to install a dedicated application. It contains screen savers different colors, by, by clicking on the display, without any controls.

It is understood that a defective pixel may be illuminated by only one color all the time or even be extinguished. In order to calculate the problem, enough to fill the screen with one colour and the defect of 90% is detected. This task is handled by a free app Dead Spotter.

If you buy an iPhone or iPad “with it”, ask the seller to install this app. It sets the screen pure white, black, blue, green and red headband. On white we will see black dots, red – green, etc. Thus, this simple test drive will help to determine whether problems with the display and will protect you from unpleasant surprises in the future.

Note that the presence of defective pixels is not always the reason for device replacement under warranty. Most manufacturers recognize the marriage matrix when there are more than five defective points, so the test display is better not to delay to be able to return the product in accordance with the law “On protection of consumer rights”.

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By the way, Dead Spotter will help in case of problems with lighting. Setting the background fill of a single color at maximum brightness, you can easily determine the uneven screen backlight.

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