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The driver got into an accident because of the iPhone, has accused Apple in the deliberate selling of distracting gadgets

In the US, the motorist named Julio Sowing, caught in a traffic accident, has filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the manufacturer of iOS devices in the lack of care about security.

The incident occurred in Los Angeles. In braking due to congestion on the road Causing the car behind crashed into another car. They drove the driver was texting on his iPhone and saw the tube. The result was an accident involving two cars.

Julio Sowing did not seek damages and instead filed a lawsuit against Apple in the superior court of Los Angeles. According to the plaintiff, the fault of the manufacturer of iPhone is that it does not block the use of messenger drivers.

“Apple can set the iPhone to block the function during movement. In fact, the company has this technology since 2008, the Bureau of patents and trademark United States has granted Apple a patent in 2014. However, fearing that this feature can lead to loss of market share, Apple refused to implement it in their devices, causing numerous accidents,” says the lawsuit.

A few years ago Apple patented design that allows you to automatically restrict the launch on mobile device driver applications that may be distracting.

Sowing intends to seek a court ban on sales of all iPhone as long as Apple won’t supply them with special technology, locking device while driving.

For greater credibility, the plaintiff brings the lawsuit statistics the Federal highway administration of the United States, according to which due to the use of Apple gadgets on the roads are killed each year on average about 312 Californians.

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Julio Sowing relies on the compensation of damages resulting from the tragic incident. While the degree of fault of the Apple will determine the court.

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