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The dream smartphone: the user experience iPhone 6 Plus after upgrading to iPhone SE

Analysts have criticized Apple’s decision to release a new iPhone in a compact design. On the background of a 5.5 – and 6-inch “shovels” form-factor iPhone SE with a 4-inch screen seems quite outmoded. However, many users appreciate small smartphone s and the novelty will definitely have its niche in the market. For example, the iMore forum user under the nickname Ssfarm delighted with iPhone SE.


“I decided to share my experience after buying iPhone SE. The new compact smartphone I switched from an iPhone 6 Plus. I must admit that I still love it.

The first sensation after taking SE iPhone – how to use the smartphone that fits in your hand. He has great ergonomics. Although, admittedly, the first time I had to get used to a 4-inch screen. But it took much less than when I moved with a 4-inch smartphone and 5.5-inch. The screen is excellent, with no problems. Bought a case and put safety glass and after that, the gadget has become even more convenient.

When the first raptures were, at first had doubts, but did I make a mistake. Can I use a small screen? The keyboard is just tiny. And the only way to know is to start using the gadget. So after I’m done with him, I decided to switch completely to iPhone SE. And I must say that this is exactly what I needed. I can easily put it in a pants or jacket, be put in any place wherever you want without the risk of damage. Gone are the days when you needed a second hand to use a smartphone. It is convenient to get and put in your pocket, keep in a jacket or pants, getting into the car. I went back to my old life!

No, I’m not giant phones. Probably I’m one of those who like many at the time, bought it on the big screen. But with him I have lost mobility. Thanks to iPhone SE all back into place. A week later I realize I was back home. I find it easy and convenient to make calls, to answer any messages or email is as easy as in the good old days. Surfing the Internet is not the problem. And the battery life is simply amazing. The smartphone is charging very fast, compared to my old iPhone 5s. I think I made the right choice”.

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