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The division of HTC to create hardware switched Google

As Vice-President of Google on the issues of hardware Osterloh Rick (Rick Osterloh), a division of HTC, engaged in assembling mobile devices, came under the management of the search giant.

According to the report in the blog of the Corporation, by agreement with the team at Google has received a non-exclusive right to use the intellectual property of HTC.

“In many ways, this agreement is a Testament to the ten-year history of collaboration of HTC and Google. Together, we reached several heights in the mobile industry. It was the first Android smartphone HTC Dream, next — Nexus One in 2010, the Nexus tablet 9 in 2014. Finally, last year it was the first smartphone Pixel,” said Osterloh.

The head of Google to create hardware recalled that the partnership with HTC has allowed the company last year to present a series of devices “Made in Google”. It was a Pixel smartphones, smart-column Google Home router Google Wi-Fi, virtual reality glasses Daydream View and media player Chromecast Ultra. The second generation devices of the series will be presented in a few weeks to 4 October.

“We’re excited about the upcoming products in 2017, but even more inspired by what we can create over the next five, ten, even 20 years. Creating beautiful products that people rely every day is a journey and we are investing in the long term. This was the reason for the signing of the agreement with HTC,” said Google Vice President.

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