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The dispute between the Russian programmers from AMD and Nvidia ended with murder

The debate about the benefits of graphical solutions AMD and NVIDIA do not cease even among Mac owners. MacBook Pro workstations Mac Pro and the iMac uses discrete graphics card producer. There are many those who favor graphical solution of a competing company. A heated argument between supporters of AMD and NVIDIA in Russia ended in tragedy.

Consideration of unusual things this week concluded the city court of Saransk in the Republic of Mordovia, reports Stolica-s. On the dock was a 31-year-old software engineer, who hacked to death his colleague, and then tried to burn his body. The investigation established that the murder occurred over a dispute about video cards which is better – AMD or NVIDIA.

As it turned out during the investigation, and the defendant Alexander Trofimov, and killed Evgeniy Ljulin has previously worked in posts of programmers at a local company. Further Trofimov quit, however, relations with the counterpart is not lost – they continued to be friends. 16 September 2016, when Russia celebrated the Day of the programmer, Yevgeny Lyulin decided to go on a visit to Alexander Trofimov, to congratulate him on the occasion.

It is worth remarking as a programmer, developers began to discuss AMD and NVIDIA. The Liulin very positive about the cards of the first company, arguing your opinion their well-deserved popularity among professionals. In turn, Trofimov proved that the products of NVIDIA is better as it provides gamers with great graphics.

At some point the drunk programmers have shifted to a discussion of mental faculties each other. The first could not stand Alexander Trofimov – he grabbed a kitchen hatchet and twice hit them on the head lyulina, and then got the opponent on the bed. Then he waited a bit, and then went for the knife, which caused the AMD supporter 11 more strikes in different areas of the body. Wounds were fatal, then Trofimov got rid of the body.

After three days of fan of NVIDIA products detained at the workplace, Trofimov immediately confessed to the crime. The court found him guilty and has appointed punishment in the form of 9,5 years of imprisonment with serving in a corrective colony of a strict mode.

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