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The Director of the FBI lied about the cost of the iPhone 5c terrorist

Specified by the Director of the FBI James Comey, the cost of the iPhone one of the terrorists in San Bernardino exceeds its actual price. About it reports Reuters, citing informed sources.

Earlier, James Comey said that American intelligence agencies had paid for access to the Apple equivalent to the one that he will earn in seven years and four months he has left until retirement. In fact, these calculations are not correct and the office paid less. The FBI Director is working during that time $1.3 million, at the time, how hackers gave less than $1 million That is the services of crackers cost at least $300,000 cheaper.

Sources also claim that the Federal Bureau of investigation will be able to use the technology on hacking the iPhone 5c with iOS 9 without paying for further services of hackers. Physically, the mechanism used to access data on the iPhone, there’s only the FBI and not the one who carried out the hacking. The identity of the hacker protected, his name does not even know the Komi Republic, the newspaper notes.

California court 16 Feb ordered Apple to change the software in the smartphone model iPhone 5c so that the FBI investigators could pick up the password to the smartphone of one of the two terrorists, who in December 2015 was shot in San Bernardino 14 people and wounded 21. In response, Apple CEO Tim cook said that the court’s decision threatens the safety of Apple clients. In his legal opinion addressed to the court, the company insisted on the unconstitutionality of the precedent.

On March 28 it became known that American law enforcement agencies were able to unlock the iPhone 5c shooter from San Bernardino without the help of Apple. Recent statements by the FBI on this subject was accompanied by a statement that the Bureau’s thinking on whether to give the company information about the used vulnerability. This, of course, would lead to the fact that Cupertino giant had her killed.

However, the head of the FBI said that the Bureau has acquired information on the basis of which was created by method of hacking, but legally he has no rights of ownership to this information, so the situation does not fall under the law, forming a Bureau to put the issue for discussion in the White House.

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