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The development of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 came early

Since the presentation of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ in less than two weeks and the device has not yet had time to go on sale. However, according to South Korean media, Samsung has already started development of the next model of the Galaxy S9.

According to The Investor, working on display panels for Samsung Galaxy S9 is conducted from the end of last month. And if that’s true, the South Korean manufacturer has begun to create the smartphones of the new generation almost six months earlier than was the case with the Galaxy S8.

At the moment, the division of Samsung started to work on the key elements of the new device, particularly the display, which will occupy the greater part of the front panel of the gadget. Delivery of the first samples of OLED screens is scheduled for mid-April. And about a month after the Korean manufacturer will prepare the other components for Galaxy S9.

According to some, the reason for such an early start of work on a new apparatus lies in the more strict requirements to the quality control system after last year’s fiasco Galaxy Note7.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy S9 yet too early to say. But the manufacturer is unlikely to drop from that used in the line of the concept, and the new smartphones will almost certainly get the same frameless design as the current flagship.

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