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The developers pointed out the key problem of the App store

15.05.2017 0 Comments

The App Store and Mac App Store are easy ways to distribute programs and games. They allow developers to sell their apps without thinking about the conclusion of contracts, accounts, downloads, etc. in Return, Apple takes 30% of sales.

The developers pointed out the key problem of the App store

But the services of the company, there is one drawback: the developers can’t offer the users of their apps new version at a discount. The App Store provides discounts for the updates.

Flexible pricing policy is of great importance for distribution software, it allows you to retain users by rewarding them for their loyalty. Updates often bring minor improvements and some additional features, so it’s unfair to expect that current users are willing to pay full price.

In a recent interview Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior Vice President of marketing for Apple, declined to question about discounts on updates users. He stated that realize this possibility much more difficult than it might seem at first glance. Besides, according to him, this feature is not needed by most developers, as many prefer the subscription model.

The developers pointed out the key problem of the App store

Usually Apple refuses to implement new opportunities under the pretext of the difficulty of implementation. Moreover, a similar function is already in the iTunes Store. If you have already bought individual songs from an album or series of the TV show, they are deducted from the cost of a full album or a TV series in its acquisition.

Users simply not profitable to make an expensive subscription app which is updated every few years. Developers who do not want to follow this model, are in a worse situation, since new versions of applications must be sold at full price. Rather, the point is not that Apple can’t introduce a discount for downloading the updates for users. She just doesn’t want it.


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