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The developers of the reduction of the minimum prices in the Russian App Store: still will not pay, mentality

In memory of Russian users of iOS devices still fresh memories of what happened at the end of last year the increase of the rouble prices for digital content in the App Store, caused by the sharp depreciation of the ruble against the dollar. However, last week Apple decided to please the owners of iPhone and iPad in our country. She was informed that now the minimum price level in the store, amounting to 59 rubles, will be significantly reduced.

In the App Store, two new categories of apps — for 15 rubles (Altermate Tier A) and 29 rubles (Altermate Tier B) that even below pre-crisis levels, when the minimum threshold was considered 33 rubles. However, this gesture on the part of Apple does not mean that the apps are being sold for 59 rubles, automatically fell. The right to set the price on them is reserved for the developers, and if they wanted to, they can offer their products at a lower cost than now.

As reflected in the Russian market of mobile games, the emergence of lower price tags analysts decided to find out App2Top. They asked the developers of the application the question: “Russian App Store got two new price tag: $ 15 and 29 rubles. What do you think, how will this affect the Russian market of mobile games?”

Chapter Zenna Apps Inna Ushakova expressed the view that it is not strongly reflected in the sales as Russian users are not accustomed to paying.

“In our view it is not too much impact on the Russian market of mobile games to users from CIS countries are not particularly accustomed to paying Almost all the users of Apple devices can afford to buy in the App Store, not including minors. Why many people still don’t do it? The mentality,” she said.

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In that same opinion, and the General producer of Studio IT Territory Alexander ENIN. Developer ZeptoLab Maxim Petrov more optimistic about it. In his opinion, users who previously could not pay for the game 60 rubles will now be able to buy more.

“In our view, unambiguously positive. Despite the growing popularity of free-to-play, there is still quite a lot of people for whom it is much easier and more pleasant to pay for the app itself and get a full game. Users who previously could not or were not willing to pay for mobile apps at 60-100 rubles, will now be able to buy more games and stay up to date with what’s happening in the industry. For developers, in fact it will mean increased audience and most likely increase income. All benefit,” he said.

Agree with him the head InfoShell Dmitry Kotenko: “the option to install in the App Store lower prices should cause a revival of the mobile games market in Russia and the growth of demand. You can expect an increase in the number of paid downloads of games and in-app purchases in apps.

In General, the developers agree that the reduction of the minimum value of applications in the App Store gives you more options for creating a flexible system of monetization of games that could potentially attract more users.

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