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The developers have admitted why they continue to choose iOS instead of Android

The developers of popular applications often produce a product, first on iOS, making Android users wait for ported versions or download copies-clones. In the “Gazeta” found out why there is such injustice, and that is forcing developers to go to the “Apple” of the audience.

Most of popular mobile applications and games released first on the iOS platform and then gets on other OS, including Android and Windows Phone. Prefer to start with iOS, for example, the developers of Instagram in 2010, the creators of the popular instant messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp) and the acclaimed young applications MSQRD and Prisma.

Such a strategy developers have adhered to despite the fact that the audience of users of Android devices greatly exceeds the volume of customers who use iOS.

According to research by App Annie, iOS apps generate more revenue than similar services and Android games. This may be due to the fact that the iPhone and iPad is traditionally more expensive than any smart phones and tablets on Android and, consequently, users of “Apple” devices are willing to pay for content is much more likely. In addition, iOS users usually spend much more time in applications.

That is why a small Studio developers who are limited in finances and opportunities, prefer to start releasing apps on iOS, because it is likely and will bring profit. It works if the app’s creators put it monetization a priority; most often it is true in relation to mobile games.

Many developers say that iOS piracy is less developed than in Android. For illegal downloading to user OS from Google you often have to make a couple of clicks in the browser, while iOS users will have to make a “jailbreak”.

The problem of piracy on Android is really high and discourages developers. According to the creators of the popular game Monument Valley, only 5% of the copies of the game were established legally. On iOS the share of paid plants was about 40%.

The developers of the game Tiny Bang Story for Apple TV noted that the editors of the app stores Apple actively help in the promotion of the product, if it considers it attractive and of good quality.

However, not all applications are created just to collect revenue. For example, not so long ago, “vystrelivshey” MSQRD and Prisma are a free download, you do not have in-app purchases and does not show ads. Valentin Merzlikin, the Evangelist publishing direction Creative Mobile, explained why the developers start with iOS:

“From a technical point of view, to optimize applications for iOS simpler: Park units less, on average, they are more powerful operating system for iPhone and iPad is updated with the most users (which is not true about Android), so testing is cheaper, work with real users becomes more predictable.

Working with the audience iOS developer easier to attract media attention, simply because among journalists and technologynow more owners of iPhone. Good apps on iOS is easier to become viral”.

Merzlikin has explained that the release on iOS in the same way allows you to attract attention and venture capital funds, and buyers from Silicon valley. According to him, the acclaimed application in the spirit of “Masquerade” or “Prism” is designed for quick attraction of investments and short-term monetization strategies they have.

With regard to the complexity in the development process and language, a few years ago could be relevant to the idea that iOS in this plan easier. However, the interlocutors stressed that a significant difference in the difficulties of developing on different platforms no.

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