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The developers have admitted, why they choose iOS and not Android

Despite the fact that Android smartphones are much more widespread than the iPhone and iPad, the most popular apps always come out on iOS before. Why is it so? The news site the Next Web has provided developers a forum where they could anonymously talk about their preferences in the choice of platform.

“For my target audience, people who have an iPhone is more preferred than Android owners. When talking with a teenager and 20-year-old man who has a large gold iPhone 6 Plus for last it’s like to walk with a Prada bag or drive a BMW. This is an important social status, place on top of the social circle. You buy iPhone because you want the best.

Young people, owners of Android phones, with whom I had to communicate, use them because they are cheap. Their goal is in a year or two to buy an iPhone when they will have money. They have to put up with Android and curve implementation of applications on iPhone. I write apps for iOS because targeted at solvent users with taste,” says one of the developers

The authors of the applications admitted that iOS devices bring more money – on average the iPhone and iPad make more money and are willing to spend more on software.

“Income from apps on Android can’t be compared with the income from sales on iOS. Android users on average spend substantially less than iOS users. And the level of piracy among paid software on the platform Google is huge – almost 95% of downloads of paid apps on Android illegally,” writes another developer.

The problem of piracy is serious for those who sell programs for Android. The Network circulates a lot of unlicensed software designed for “phones”, as well as instructions for installing it. For this users don’t even need to jailbreak or to access the administrative tools, as in the case of iOS.

Finally, another reason why developers look at iOS – Android fragmentation. Programmers have to create and maintain many versions of their apps for older versions of the OS because the software on the devices to be updated very slowly.

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