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The developers contend: the public release of iOS 9 beta provoked a wave of negative reviews on the App Store

Over the past year, Apple significantly changed its approach to testing new operating systems. The company allows users without a developer account to install a not yet released OS under beta testing. Recently California giant unveiled the first public beta version of iOS 9, which is scheduled to release in the fall. To download system enough to register on the Apple website Beta Software Program, after which the user can download new firmware and install it as a normal update.

Release any beta version traditionally accompanied by numerous warnings in the Apple emphasize that in the process of working with the operating system and applications errors to occur: “Remember that beta software should not be installed on systems that are critical to the operation or business. We highly recommend installing the beta on a second system or device or on the second partition of your Mac. Early releases allow users to see new products in action, but real everyday use fit little.

iOS 9 is no exception. To release a public beta of the OS has already undergone a number of upgrades, but still works much slower and not as smooth as the basic version 8.4. The application periodically “fly”, and for the safety data vouch difficult.

Starting July 9, developers are faced with unpleasant phenomenon is in the App store to their products began to enter the negative reviews from users who complain of unstable work. On the eve of a bad review and rating of one star out of five received a popular app for taking notes Day One. Previously, the program was repeatedly hit the top of the App Store and was chosen its moderators as the best new application. This, however, did not stop the user who installed iOS 9, from criticism.

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“I was very happy when I got this app! It worked fine on iOS 8. Then I downloaded iOS 9 Beta and the app stopped working completely. Crashes each time you try to open it,” wrote a user App Store

Similar comments began to get the other developers. Some of them tried the official Twitter accounts of their applications to convince people not to jump to negative evaluations and to understand that the bugs are not their fault, and Apple.

On the application, as noted Siliconrus, complaining not only in the English-speaking segment of the App Store. Users of Instagram from Russia for a few days put the photo service about ten minimum estimates, saying that the program was constantly “fly” and putting in another a number of errors. In this part of the feedback was provoked not only by switching to the beta version, but the update of the Instagram.

Mobile developers and journalists trying to explain to the users in social networks — a bug was not their fault. The creators of programs for iPhone, iPad and Mac can’t use the functionality of the beta versions and update them under their products.

“If you have installed iOS Beta, and applications don’t work as they should, to write about this review in the App Store — not the best way. Instead leave a negative comment, look for a web-site developers and contact them directly,” writes..

The developers called for Apple to prevent users from sending feedback c beta iOS and indicate that last year the company did just that. In the event of a problem it is better to send the description directly to e-mail the Creator of the software product.

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