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The developer launched Windows 95 on Apple Watch [video]

Image to the article — not a photoshop, despite the strangeness of the illustrations. The fact that the developer from Brooklyn, Nick Lee really has installed Windows 95 on a “smart” watch Apple Watch. The hacker replaced the platform watchOS on the desktop operating system from Microsoft.

A few hours a video enthusiast with a nickname of Tendigi looked about 30 000 people. The Davenport managed to carry out his plan with the application, an emulator available on the Apple Watch. The video shows that the clock you are able to load the desktop and even open the menu “start”. However, the platform can boast of smoothness, despite the fact that its launch was made on “hardware”, released two decades after its release.

“Apple Watch has a very powerful hardware: a processor with a frequency of 520 MHz, 512 MB RAM and storage is 8 GB. On paper the processor is 25 times faster than a conventional 386, and hard drive size (not RAM) in the nineties was only 512 MB. As a result, I thought that the Apple Watch will be able to run one of the oldest Microsoft operating systems from Redmond,” explained the author of the video.

Of course, the functionality of Windows 95 on the Apple Watch are severely limited, as nobody was set out to fit the operating system under “hardware” and possibilities of “smart” hours. At the same time on OS boot takes about an hour. However, the launch of the operating system, which for nearly 20 years, using a wristwatch is very interesting.

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