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The developer has created a portal to your city using augmented reality in iOS 11 [video]

Transport spaceship smoothly landed right on your desktop. People with a growth of 15 centimeters affably waving their hands – and then the silence cuts through a sharp sound. The base is attacked by the bombers — the violent shootout.

This demo scene is part of the presentation of the Apple developer platform ARKit, where you can create content in augmented real ity. The presentation took place at the WWDC 2017.

The augmented reality is superimposed over the image of the real world to create new interactive experiences, games and simulations. ARKit provides third-party engineers to access the built-in camera, processor and motion sensors on the iPhone and iPad

At WWDC showed us only one demoscene, the developers have already got access to ARKit and begin to create new impressive options. One of the clearest examples of the implementation of the technology demonstrated feed author “Made With ARKit”. Video “Inter-dimensional Portal” the portal is shown mounted on a city street. Going through this portal, the user is taken to the ancient city.

ARKit provides stable tracking of the movement of the mobile device, whereby the virtual objects around the person are fixed in space with minimal distortion due to the delay between receipt of sensor data positioning, and rendering in proper perspective.

With the help of computer vision technology in the iPhone and iPad screen becomes a mediator between the outside world and its virtual reflection, which is encouraged by the camera, processing power, and motion sensors. Thanks ARKit more interactive will be traveling, shopping, industrial design and many other areas, including, of course, games.

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