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The developer demonstrated the capabilities of game consoles emulator MAME for new Apple TV [video]

A developer by the name of Kevin Smith has launched on Apple TV popular gaming consoles MAME emulator and played some classic video games. Video demonstration of the process posted on the YouTube channel of Smith.

The programmer launched on Apple TV games for classic gaming consoles: Donkey Kong, Galaga, Street Fighter II, Raiden, and Metal Slug – Super Vehicle. He did this by means of an authorised set top box for the new simulator consoles. The role of the subject made the emulator under the code name of Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

According to the developer, together with installing MAME on tvOS software platform is a new Apple TV set-top box appears on the folder ROM. If it to put project files under MAME, then they can play using the app as a software emulator.

MAME without exaggeration can be called the greatest emulator in the entire history of such developments. Suffice it to say that it supports over 3000 games from different arcade machines. The emulator is compatible with toys, starting with the first slot machines of 1979 and ending with the last masterpieces for CPS 1,2 & NeoGeo.

As told by Smith, MAME turns the Apple TV into hardware system for arcade games in software of modern computing devices. It is doubtful that he will be able to place the emulator in the App Store catalog. The censors of the company will reject the app because of copyright infringement. To the store sometimes get a similar design as other programs, but they live there for long – a few hours, until you notice the Apple.

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